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Delivery conditions


Order do in the online store are only considered budgets. Do your request without any commitment.

The orders are subject to validation as an order, after confirmation of payment.

The customer can collect the order at the factory. Just need choose "LOCATION" options choose "Picking item (s) in the factory after confirmation by the services."

If you decide to use the delivery services that we subcontract, choose shipping option according to the postal code / country.

In the case of placing the order and the delivery value doesn’t appear. Complete the order by completing the address and will be contacted later with this information.

(the absence of this information is due to the need to calculate according to the delivery location, weight x size x units).


Please note the following when ordering:

♦ When choosing the oven take into account that it is a single and heavy piece (in each model the weight is indicated according to its measurements)

♦ Ovens of 130cm and/or 140cm - the customer will have discharge means. (e.g. stacker)

♦ BBQ's are composed of modules (separate parts)

♦ Take advantage and order the accessories, because is possible to attach them in the same packaging, avoiding extra shipping costs (oven and / or BBQ accessories kit, pizza shovel, chimney, thermometer, grill, etc)

We didn’t install.The install can be done by you or in case you contracted an external installation service, check after you have the article. For installation check our suggestion on the website under "Installation and Instructions for Use".


With your order confirmation, we ask that you verify that all the data is correct and complete

Full address of the place of delivery and telephone number of the contact person



The delivery services contracted by us, will deliver as follows:

♦ Discharge will be done by a “hand pallet truck”, which doesn’t exceed obstacles (eg steps, uneven flooring, grass etc.) – doesn’t rise

♦ We don’t control the date and time of delivery (it depends on external factors such as traffic, time, route planned by the carrier). We’ll inform you the due date, and may be subject to changes due to the referred factors.

♦ Stay attention during the expected delivery days. A second delivery is a extra expenses, being the same to the responsibility of the client,

♦ When you receive, confirm that the merchandise is in good condition and complete before signing.

♦ If the articles present substantial damage, please refer to the notes on the “delivery proof” provided by the driver, take pictures of the situation and send us (artiforno@gmail.com).


Prediction of sending / preparation:

According to the existing stock.

It’ll be inform, case by case on the order.


Payment options:

Payments made by bank transfer.

To facilitate the identification of the payment, send by email the bank receipt with the order number.


Complementary information:

During the month of August we didn’t send, because we closed for holidays.

Orders will be submitted and sent in September. For shipments before the closing in August, we ask for confirmation until the first week of July. After that date the orders are validated, case by case.


In the Festive Period (eg Christmas and New Year) the December orders are validated on a case-by-case.