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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

• What is the main difference between the ovens?

- The exterior esthetics

- Each model adapts to the installation location

- The oven door (and chimney) comes in two types of material:

Iron Zinc - Range economical material that oxidizes over time

Stainless Steel - advised material, more durable, does not suffer from oxidation

- Can the oven stay on the street in the rain?

No, we advise installation in a dry place, isolated and covered, avoiding exposure to adverse weather condition, for longevity and good functioning of it.

-What are the benefits of isolating the oven?

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  • Where do i buy the material to isolate the oven?

We have all the necessary isolation material, thermal blanket and expanded clay,  the quantity will be according to the oven measurement.

• How is isolation done and what is it for?

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- For restoration, what accessories should I use?

According to Portuguese law, you must use all stainless steel accessories and utensils. (check your country's legislation)

Attached to the oven you will receive an instruction manual.

  • Who does the delivery?

Delivery is by an external logistics company hired by us.

  • How long does it take to be taken delivery?

The delivery time will depend on the destination and the order placed. You will be informed later.

  • Can I paint the oven with another color?

Yes, we recommend the use of acrylic paint. In the color you want. We advise you to always check the specifications of the paint, so that it does not contain any toxic and / or flammable elements.

-Is it possible that my oven is a Corner oven?

Yes, however we emphasize that we have no stock, so you should take into account the production time

-How to do the drying (curing)?

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-Can cracks appear in the oven?

Yes, the oven is built in masonry and contains iron / stainless steel like any building or masonry work, cracks can appear due to several factors, such as: Oscillations / vibrations, expansion, humidity, air conditioning of temperature differences, air displacement, thermal shock.

-What is thermal shock? It is the rapid change in temperature, from cold to hot.

- What causes cracks in the oven?

Using the oven without being completely dry, with residual moisture in the brick and walls causes thermal shock.

Why does the oven near the chimney crack?

Because the iron / stainless steel with the heat expands and if the heat is not gradual it will cause thermal shock, which causes cracks.