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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Consider access the place where you want to install, given that the furnace is one piece; heavy and hard to maneuver.

Measure presented in the oven is the square basis outside.

Counsel with the person who will install and according to the oven model buy accessories; type of insulation and rectify as the the smoke exhaust system will be created according with installation place.

The door and the chimney, exists in two kinds of material.

Iron Zinc - Range economical material that oxidizes over time

Stainless Steel - advised material, more durable, does not suffer from oxidation

  • What is the main difference between ovens?


Besides the external aesthetic difference, to adapt to the preference of each customer.

Refers to the door (and chimney) in the type of material used:

Iron Zinc - Range of economical material, which oxidizes over time. (Rusty)

Stainless Steel (INOX) - Material advised, more durable, does not suffer from oxidation.

  • The oven can get out to rain?

No, you have to install it in a dry place insulated and covered, avoiding exposure to adverse weather conditions, for longevity and good functioning.

  • Where to buy material to isolate the oven?

We have all the necessary insulation material, Rockwool and expanded clay, the amount is measured according to the oven.

  • How does the isolation and what it does?

Around the oven building a brick box, to apply the Rockwool, expanded clay and sand. This way will maximize and extend the produced heat energy and decrease the consumption of firewood.

  • To catering what accessories should I use?

According to Portuguese law, you should use all stainless steel fittings and fixtures. (Check legislation of your country)

Attached to the oven will receive an instruction manual.

  • Who does the delivery?

Delivery is by an external logistics company hired by us.

  • How long does it take to be taken delivery?

The delivery time will depend on the destination and the request made. You will be informed later.

  • Can I paint the oven with another color?

Yes, we recommend the use of acrylic paint. The color you want. We advise you to always check the specifications